Re: [CSS21] Font-family syntax

Etan Wexler writes:
> Bert, I thank you for responding. I hope that your response is an 
> indication that the Working Group is studying the issue at hand.

It wasn't, since there didn't seem to be an issue, just some things
that were a bit obscure...

But I think you have just shown that there is indeed an issue, in that
appendix G probably doesn't correctly describe the syntax of

I expect we don't want to change the "forward-compatible" grammar of
chapter 4, so that means we either have to change the prose of
'font-famuily' to say that parentheses and colons may not occur
(unless escaped or quoted), or change appendix G to allow parentheses
and colons.

Changing the appendix seems to be the easiest. At least I don't see
anything that it would break.

(I thought that parentheses, other than as part of a functional
notation, weren't used in declarations in CSS 2.1, but I had forgotten
about font-family, it seems...)

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