Re: per-site user stylesheet rules

L. David Baron wrote:
> On Friday 2004-08-20 10:40 +0200, Robin Berjon wrote:
>>  @document url-list "title";
>>That would select the alternate with the given title, for that 
>>url-matching specification.
> I don't understand what you mean.  There have been proposals for
> expressing alternate stylesheets within a CSS file, but those don't
> select alternates -- rather, they provide alternates.

Basically, "for site foo, use alternate with title 'bar'".

>>I assume you wouldn't want that to apply, especially as I could do 
>>things nastier than that such as attach an XBL keyboard logger to your 
>>bank's site.
> The rules would not do anything unless the stylesheet being served from
> is also linked from a page in the domain

Ok, good.

>>So it's limited to local files that will never be interchanged. Does it 
>>need to become a standard?
> I'm skeptical of the idea that user stylesheets will never be
> interchanged.  (Also, someone might find a use for such a rule in author
> stylesheets, although the only good use case I can think of -- easier
> management of related rules -- isn't all that strong.)

Well if they are interchanged, fine, but I am equally skeptical in the 
opposite direction :) And if they're not interchanged, the value added 
on top of plists/.rc files/RDF or Ecmascript configuration/registry 
settings seems inexistant.

Robin Berjon

Received on Friday, 20 August 2004 09:16:36 UTC