RE: Audio

> However, if one is presenting a page through speech, there is always
> the concept of the "current" element: the one presently being spoken.
> Effectively there's a playback head or speech cursor progressing
> through the document. 


I think this makes sense. An approach would be to use such a cursor in the
visual media types and extend the syntax suggested earlier a bit, so that it
would be possible to have audio in a parallel (as Andrew named it) document
that is read sequentially. There should, however, also be the possibility of
combining audio assignments with other things, i.e. give a paragraph
different background color while the sound is playing or something like
that. It wouldn't make sense to assign sounds to elements without having the
possibility of telling the user which element is causing it.


Received on Tuesday, 10 August 2004 15:23:36 UTC