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On Aug 8, 2004, at 8:02 AM, Dave Raggett wrote:

> For instance, the following would in principle play the same sound
> at the same time for all paragraphs and likewise for all h1
> elements.  Probably not what the author intended.
>    h1 { sound: url(wind.wav) }
>    p { sound: url(waves.wav) }

Of course, this is assuming a visual presentation model where several 
paragraphs and or are visible on the screen any one time.

However, if one is presenting a page through speech, there is always 
the concept of the "current" element: the one presently being spoken. 
Effectively there's a playback head or speech cursor progressing 
through the document. In such a model the above declaration would make 
more sense, since there's always a current element which would indicate 
which sound to use. At least the problem of compositing sounds is 
reduced to a containment hierarchy, rather than being a mix of 
everything in the viewport.

Not that any one model is right or wrong, but there are many different 
use cases to consider.
I suppose it goes without saying that SMIL 
( is a reference point for any work in 
this area?

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