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On Mon, 9 Aug 2004, Andrew Thompson wrote:

> On Aug 8, 2004, at 8:02 AM, Dave Raggett wrote:
> > For instance, the following would in principle play the same sound
> > at the same time for all paragraphs and likewise for all h1
> > elements.  Probably not what the author intended.
> >
> >    h1 { sound: url(wind.wav) }
> >    p { sound: url(waves.wav) }
> Of course, this is assuming a visual presentation model where
> several paragraphs and or are visible on the screen any one time.

Indeed, and that depends on whether the current CSS media type. If
it is speech, then the document is read out sequentially, but if the
CSS media type is screen the document is essentially presented in

We already have a working draft for the CSS3 Speech module which
is specifically aimed at the CSS speech media type, but we are
now collecting ideas for how to add audio effects to visual
media types like screen.

The basic requirement is to be able to provide a background sound
analogous to Internet Explorer's <bgsound> element. But it may also
be desirable to add sound effects when a button/link is clicked or
when a text field gets the focus etc.

The CSS media type 'projection' can be used as a paged media, e.g.
for PowerPoint like presentations. This brings in the idea of
sequentially moving through a page, bullet point by bullet point.
Sound effects can in principle, be used to accompany transition
effects as a bullet point becomes active, and as the presentation
moves on to the next page. This can be modelled with some additional
pseudo-classes, and used for both aural and visual effects.

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