Re: Pagination in CSS3 Paged Media

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> James Ross wrote:
>>         <td>
>>           <div>Some text</div>
>> -- possible break --
>>           <div>More text</div>
>>         </td>
> I was hoping this was the case, but that wasn't clear to me from the 
> spec (and I can think of at least one implementor and WG member who 
> thought this was NOT the case based on that spec).

I thought this bit was pretty clear, actually. Perhaps it all hinges on 
my interpretation of Rule A's phrase "all the elements generating boxes 
that meet at this margin", which I took to mean just the <div>s in the 
quote above. The common parent, the <td>, is specifically referred to by 
Rule B anyway.

>> If the long text in the 4th <td/> doesn't fit on a page, I would break 
>> it using type 2 breaks (line boxes),
> Again, that's by no means clear from what the spec says....

This, however, was mostly me going with what I thought should happen. 
There is certainly nothing in the spec about how to break when two or 
more 'columns' of content has to be dealt with, and I have no idea how 
to go about doing such breaking (except on intuition, which isn't 
exactly something you can put down in code).

> If James' interepretation is correct, I suggest either this section of 
> the specification be reworded to clearly state that the parents of the 
> box under consideration do not matter for breaking purposes or that some 
> nice examples are added.  Or both.

Examples would always be good, especially as we seem to have multiple 
interpretations of this already.

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