Re: Pagination in CSS3 Paged Media

James Ross wrote:
>         <td>
>           <div>Some text</div>
> -- possible break --
>           <div>More text</div>
>         </td>

I was hoping this was the case, but that wasn't clear to me from the spec (and I 
can think of at least one implementor and WG member who thought this was NOT the 
case based on that spec).

> If the long text in the 4th <td/> doesn't fit on a page, I would break 
> it using type 2 breaks (line boxes),

Again, that's by no means clear from what the spec says....

If James' interepretation is correct, I suggest either this section of the 
specification be reworded to clearly state that the parents of the box under 
consideration do not matter for breaking purposes or that some nice examples are 
added.  Or both.


Received on Thursday, 29 April 2004 09:37:41 UTC