Re: Pagination in CSS3 Paged Media

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> I'm reading section 5.4 ("Allowed Page Breaks") [1] in the CSS3 Paged 
> Media module and I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what it's 
> saying.... Say I have the following (X)HTML document (or rather this 
> tree of DOM nodes, with the elements being HTMLElements):
> [snip]
> There are no style rules applied to this DOM tree other than the obvious 
> rules in the UA sheet to set display values.
> Given that, where is a UA allowed to put page breaks when printing this 
> document, per this spec?

         <td>Short text</td><td />
-- possible break --
         <td>Short text</td><td>Long text</td>
-- possible break --
           <div>Some text</div>
-- possible break --
           <div>More text</div>
         <td>Short text</td>

These are all type 1 breaks (block boxes), which satisfy Rule A and Rule 
B under the assumption the UA has not applied any values to the relevant 
properties, other than their initial values.

If the long text in the 4th <td/> doesn't fit on a page, I would break 
it using type 2 breaks (line boxes), making sure it doesn't break Rule C 
or Rule D (which would only require 4 lines to be 'breakable').

I expect I've missed the key issue here (that seemed far to simple for 
something in CSS 3), but that's my interpretation of that section of the 

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