RE: CSS3 Genrated content, comments/questions

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, Dave Shea wrote:
> As we rely on the style sheet more, the file size goes up dramatically.
> I'm frequently writing 15 to 25k .css files, and that's just for screen
> media. I know we're making progress when it comes to seperation of
> content and presentation (and I understand why that's important), but
> I'm concerned about the ever-increasing plain-text files I have to
> generate.

But due to stylesheets being site-wide, and due to the maturity of caching
solutions, this stylesheet only has to be downloaded once. So what used to
be 100k per page is now 100k per site, with just 5k per page. So the
overall experience is much, much faster and significantly lower in overall
bandwidth cost.

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