RE: CSS3 Genrated content, comments/questions

> It allows varied styling of generated content. It allows constructions
> that totally remove all presentational markup from document content
> -- no more decorative images, no more duplication of text, no more 
> elements that are there purely because the CSS needs something to 
> hook onto.

Tangental, but relevant:

As we rely on the style sheet more, the file size goes up dramatically.
I'm frequently writing 15 to 25k .css files, and that's just for screen
media. I know we're making progress when it comes to seperation of
content and presentation (and I understand why that's important), but
I'm concerned about the ever-increasing plain-text files I have to

This talk of ::before and ::after, particularly nesting is helping me
project what my .css files will look like in 5 years, and it's not
comforting. The HTML files are going to get nice and light, at the
expense of bloated and unwieldy CSS. Gzip helps, but I think I'm being
realistic when I say I will be generating 50k+ CSS files sooner or

Backwards-compatibility being what it is, I suppose the options to move
towards a compiled or binary equivalent are few. And increasing
bandwidth is making this less an issue. Still, I worry. Has their been
any discussion about this?


Received on Monday, 15 September 2003 13:36:17 UTC