Re: CSS21 16.5 Capitalization text-transform

Not to my mind. We can change terms if that will be less confusing.
Perhaps the source text vs. the transformed text? Or generated text?

For all of the situations I can think of where an application throws text to a
screen, the source is always irrelevant, and the clipboard receives the text
represented on the screen, and stored appropriately in a storage format.

If CSS changes case, or generates content before or after some portions of the
source, I would expect the clipboard to receive the transformed and generated
content. Not the source text ripped from the markup.

To the extent clipboards support multiple formats and encodings of the same
data, I have no objection (and in fact would like it) if the markup was stored,
in addition to the text as I described it.

In the case of bidi, I would expect the logical version of the rendered text to
be stored on the clipboard. But I'll have to go do some testing to confirm what
usually happens on bidi systems. maybe someone else can confirm what happens
when you copy bidi text to the clpboard.


Chris Lilley wrote:
> On Friday, October 17, 2003, 2:07:52 AM, Tex wrote:
> TT> I wasn't proposing to change the source content. When text is highlighted and
> TT> copied from a screen, I think users expect to have the visualized text on the
> TT> screen, not the source. The visualized text is the content as far as they are
> TT> concerned.
> Does that mean, to continue the logical vs visual concept, that bidi
> text should also go on the clipboard in visual order?
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