Re: Alternate stylesheets and the "disabled" DOM property

Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> This topic has been DOM all along, purposefully, since the CSS working 
> group has taken over defining DOM access to CSS from the DOM working gtoup.

Absolutely, says me this his editor hat on.

>> Perhaps document.styleSheets.selectedTitle, and 
>> document.styleSheets.getSelected()
> It's really much more intuitive, to me, to put it on the DocumentStyle 
> interface or extension thereof...

Boris, this deserves a discussion. Imagine that a browsing environment is
able to attach the same set (from a DOM pov) of stylesheets to more than
one document. Then attaching the selected set to styleSheets could be
VERY useful, in order to preserve the selected set from a document to
another one...

Otherwise I agree with you but keeping that possibility open makes sense
to me.


Received on Friday, 3 October 2003 12:51:11 UTC