Widget Appearance

This may be a completely off-the-wall suggestion, but here goes...

I just can't help but wonder how cool it would be if CSS allowed 
complete makeovers for OS control widgets.  I'm aware that you can do 
things with buttons to an extent, but I'd like to see something for 
everything, IE radio buttons, checkboxes, and (especially) scroll bars 
for overflow: auto boxes (not so much for the viewport itself, but each 
to his own).

Now, I'm aware that there are differences in user agents and that 
there's no guarantee that all possible situations would be practical or 
function the same.  However, I'm sure there's *some* middle ground.  
I'm thinking it would look something like this:

#content {
	overflow: auto;
	y-scrollbar-slide-top: url(image);
	y-scrollbar-slide-center: url(image); /* This would essentially 
repeat-y */
	y-scrollbar-slide-bottom: url(image);
	y-scrollbar-arrow-top: url(image);
	y-scrollbar-arrow-bottom: url(image);
	y-scrollbar-tab-top: url(image);
	y-scrollbar-tab-center: url(image); /* Just like y-scrollbar-slide */
	y-scrollbar-tab-bottom: url(image);

Feel free to tear that apart as much as you'd like.

Some may feel this is out of the bounds of CSS, but I should hope that 
the designer would be able to control *every* aspect of the web site's 
appearance without having to resort to DHTML or (worse) Flash.
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Received on Monday, 17 November 2003 18:47:50 UTC