Re: Widget Appearance

Dris wrote:
>     y-scrollbar-slide-top: url(image);
>     y-scrollbar-slide-center: url(image); /* This would essentially 
> repeat-y */
>     y-scrollbar-slide-bottom: url(image);

And if the scrollbar slider has more than three parts?  And if the 
middle part is NOT supposed to repeat (eg scrollbars that have a 
grippy-like image at the center and just plain stuff otherwise)?

>     y-scrollbar-arrow-top: url(image);
>     y-scrollbar-arrow-bottom: url(image);

And if there are no arrows?

>     y-scrollbar-tab-top: url(image);
>     y-scrollbar-tab-center: url(image); /* Just like y-scrollbar-slide */
>     y-scrollbar-tab-bottom: url(image);

I'm not even sure what part of the scrollbar this refers to.

Basically, this proposal, like all the preceding ones that have been 
posted in this thread, assumes all scrollbars look like Windows 
scrollbars.  They don't.


Received on Monday, 17 November 2003 19:00:29 UTC