Re: [CSS2.1] Text 16.6.2 Bidirectionality with Whitespace Collapsing

I think I agree with these comments, but I am asking the i18n group to comment.

The FAQ that the GEO group wrote on this suggested "remove all space before the
end tag of the inline element, or remove the dir attribute (if appropriate)."

Here it makes sense to remove unnecessary embedding, not to remove explicit
Also, the key impact is on spaces before end tags, not beginning spaces.

fantasai wrote:
> 16.6.2 Bidirectionality with Whitespace Collapsing
> # This is best avoided by using the natural bidirectionality of characters
> # instead of explicit embedding levels.
> It's not always possible to rely on implicit bidi, which is why we *have*
> embedding levels. You shouldn't discourage their use like this. The problem
> is best avoided by keeping start and end tags close to the text: by not
> putting spaces at the start and end of inline elements.
> ~fantasai

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