Re: [CSS2.1] Text 16.6.2 Bidirectionality with Whitespace Collapsing

Tex Texin wrote:
 > fantasai wrote:
 > >
 > ...
 > > The problem is best avoided by keeping start and end tags close to the text:
 > > by not putting spaces at the start and end of inline elements.
> The FAQ that the GEO group wrote on this suggested "remove all space before the
> end tag of the inline element, or remove the dir attribute (if appropriate)."
> Here it makes sense to remove unnecessary embedding, not to remove explicit
> overrides.

In this example, yes, because B is one character -- and in any case, it's not
rtl. However, I believe the example was intended to represent more complex
character sequences in which an embedding may well be necessary. An Arabic
quotation with a Latin name mentioned in the middle, for example.

> Also, the key impact is on spaces before end tags, not beginning spaces.

some<rtl> TEXT</rtl> where does that first space go?


Received on Wednesday, 5 November 2003 11:00:25 UTC