Re: CSS3 Color Module CR 14 May 2003 grammar

On Wednesday, May 14, 2003, 11:41:31 PM, Jeremy wrote:

JR> Found some grammar mistakes in the Color Module CR.

JR> In the "Status of this document" section and in 1. (Introduction), "implementors"
JR> should be spelled "implementers."  (I'm not sure; it looks better to me
JR> with an o, but MS Word insists that it's an e.)

Looks better to me too, and is correct, and seems to be conventional

JR> In 3.2, "postprocessing" should be hyphenated as "post-processing," and
JR> "offscreen" should be hyphenated as "off-screen."

I disagree. An offscreen buffer is a specific thing. off screen or
off-screen is more generic. Its the specific technical meaning that is
intended here.

(Omitted comments on all the other stuff, with which I agreed).

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