CSS Ruby Module CR 14 May 2003 grammar

Found a few grammar errors in the 14 May 2003 CR for CSS Ruby Module.

In the "Status of this document" section, the sentence "It has been developed
by the CSS Working Group which is part of the Style activity" should have
a comma after "Group."

In the "Status of this document" section, "publically" should be spelled

In 2.1, in the sentence "The orientation which the above symbols assume
in the diagrams corresponds to the orientation that the glyphs they represent
are intended to assume when rendered by the user agent," "which" should
be "that."

In 2.2, in the sentence "The ruby structure and the XHTML markup to represent
it is described in the Ruby Annotation [RUBY]," "is" should be "are."

Under Figure 3.2.3, "non spanning" should be hyphenated as "non-spanning."

Under Figure 3.2.3, "If the ruby text is not allowed to overhang, then the
ruby behaves like a traditional box, i.e. only its contents are rendered
within its boundaries and adjacent elements do not cross the box boundary"
should have a comma after "boundaries."

In 6., in the sentence "They both contain all the properties specified by
this CSS chapter, i.e. 'ruby-align', 'ruby-overhang', 'ruby-position' and
'ruby-span'," there should be a comma after "'ruby-position'."  Likewise,
in "The Simple Ruby model requires the values: 'ruby', 'ruby-base' and 'ruby-text',"
there should be a comma after "'ruby-base'."

In the Glossary, under "Ideograph," "well-known" should not have a hyphen
("well known").

Jeremy Rand
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Received on Friday, 16 May 2003 05:32:18 UTC