CSS 2.1 comments

Some comments on the latest draft (January 2003)...

2.3.2 CSS 2.1 addressing model
  * Third list item is missing a closing bracket

5.7 Adjacent sibling selectors
  * In the final example, isn't it technically a class selector that's
    added, instead of attribute?

8.2 Example of margins, padding, and borders
  * In the list, the 4th item states the background is green, when
    it's actually yellow.

Also, throughout the specification there are instances of "CSS style
sheet", which reminds me of "PIN number" and "NT technology" - with
some of these the "style sheet" should be removed (for instance, "Most
CSS style sheet rules" in 3.1, expands to "Most cascading style sheet
style sheet rules").


Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 11:10:15 UTC