[css3-content] Another way of doing things.

OK, I've come up with a different way of handling footnotes.
I've attached an HTML file that details this idea, however, it is 
seriously lacking in examples. The feedback I get will determine if I 
bother to flesh out more examples.

Noticeable differences are as follows:
1) It allows for content to go forward as well as backward.
2) It provides a mechanism to specify if the author wishes hyperlinks
   from the footnote reference to the footnote and vice-versa.
3) It provides a mechanism to allow for fluid footnotes thru a
   mechanism I call a context list. The basic idea is that the only
   footnotes shown are those with references in the current viewport.

The way that the working draft handles it, at first glance appears to 
be easier to implement, largely because it only allows for content to 
be pushed backward, however, the working draft seems to be largely 
oriented towards static media in its handling of footnotes. However, I 
think context lists could be added to the working draft without causing 
much in the way of problems, and would do much to make the module more 
friendly to the handling of footnotes in interactive media

Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 13:59:10 UTC