Re: CSS2.1, CSS3: Background-Attachment

On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, fantasai wrote:
> As an author, I would expect the background to scroll
> with the element's content just like it does for the <body>.

The working group discussed this at length. It is hoped that CSS3 will
introduce a value, called 'overflow-scroll', to achieve the effect you
describe. What brought this on is

What would you say should happen under the borders?

> Indeed this is how several browsers have implemented it.
> With "background-attachment: scroll", these browsers scroll the
> background with the content:
>    Mozilla, Win IE
> These follow CSS2.1's wording:
>    Opera 7.0, MacIE

Actually, Mozilla follows both wordings simulateously. See: there are more separate implementations (WinIE5.5 and WinIE6.0 count
as the same implementation) of the CSS2.1 model than of the CSS1 model.

Not to mention that WinIE doesn't show the background under the borders,
and thus doesn't have to face that part of the problem. It has been
suggested that if the Trident implementors had implemented backgrounds
correctly (going under the borders) they would have changed their
implementation to match the 2.1 wording.

> If CSS dictates that scrolling the background with the text is no longer
> possible, I shall be therefore be somewhat annoyed.

It is still possible. Merely enclose the overflowing contents in a block
and put a background on that instead of on the element with the overflow

> In CSS1, 'scroll' means that the background "scrolls along with the
> content"; CSS2 changes this to "scrolls along with the document".

CSS1 didn't have to deal with this as 'overflow' didn't exist.

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