Re: CSS2.1, CSS3: Background-Attachment

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, fantasai wrote:
>>As an author, I would expect the background to scroll
>>with the element's content just like it does for the <body>.
> The working group discussed this at length. It is hoped that CSS3 will
> introduce a value, called 'overflow-scroll', to achieve the effect you
> describe. What brought this on is
> What would you say should happen under the borders?

The background should scroll with the text. I explained this
at length to caillon awhile back; I can post the IRC log, if
you want.

If CSS3 will introduce this new value, then why not name it
'scroll'? You still have to define it, so you're not going to
sidestep the issue by deferring to CSS3. You're not even going
to defer it by much, since CSS3 Backgrounds is already Last
Call. You get a name that makes more sense, you avoid
disturbing existing pages and author conceptions, and you
avoid hacks like the extra-inner-box-for-the-background one.

(That wasn't a rhetorical question, by the way.)

> Actually, Mozilla follows both wordings simulateously.

Ah, yes. I'd fogotten about that. :)

>>If CSS dictates that scrolling the background with the text is no longer
>>possible, I shall be therefore be somewhat annoyed.
> It is still possible. Merely enclose the overflowing contents in a block
> and put a background on that instead of on the element with the overflow
> property.

That's a hack. And it's not going to help on pages designed for
the dominant interpretation right now (which, except on pages
using scrolling partly-transparent backgrounds, includes Mozilla's
market share).


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