Re: Compound relative and pixel sizes for box sizes

David Woolley wrote:
 >Noel Akins wrote:
>>I would like to see the following.
>>Basically put: Height: 100% - Xpx;
> At least one reason one this might not be taken seriously is that the use
> of even pure pixel sizes is discouraged as it makes to many assumptions
> about the technology used to view the material and the viewers eyesight.
> You might be able to simulate it using margins and padding.

<div class="main">
<div class="menu">
    Navigation list
<div class="footer">

.main {
    width: 100% - 15em;
    min-width: 20em;
    float: left;
.menu {
    width: 15em;
    float: right;
.footer {
    clear: both;

Can you simulate that?
(Without touching the markup, of course.)

P.S. There ought to be better ways to accomplish this,
e.g. by floating to the top right corner rather than
just to the right, but this example assumes the current


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