Re: CSS3 Generated Content Draft questions/comments.

* James Craig wrote:
>Also, unless I'm missing something, there is an error in the 'quotes' 
>   :lang(en) > q
> From selectoracle: "Selects any q element that is a child of any 
>element which is in a language or locale whose identifier equals en or 
>begins with en-."
>Wouldn't this selector be better/accurate as the given markup example 
>has 'q' as a descendant of the <HTML> but not a child?
>   :lang(en) q

Elements inherit their parent's language if no language is specified.
Consider this document:

  <html xmlns="">
      <style type = 'text/css'>
    <body xml:lang='en'>
      <p xml:lang='de'><q>...</q></p>

The q element is matched by ":lang(en) q" but not by ":lang(en) > q".
For the actual example it doesn't make a difference which selector is
used, but I don't see why using the descendant combinator is any better
than using the child combinator.

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