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On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 07:43 AM, Afternoon wrote:
> I know my attitude was surly, but I still think this is a 100% table 
> is the most (only?) reliable and flexible way to construct page with a 
> centered item and I have seen no activities within the group that 
> attempt to provide a better technique.

By the way, this isn't necessarily invalid HTML.  The W3C's Web
Content Accessibility Guidelines allow for the use of tables for
layout, as long as (a) the page makes sense when the table is
linearized, (b) the markup is correct -- summary="", no axis/
scope/headers/<th>, and (c) the document type is Transitional
(required so you can use all the layout-friendly attributes, not
because layout tables _must_ be Transitional -- they can be
Strict too).

Layout tables are _not_ improper HTML, and they are, by and large,
_not_ an accessibility problem if done correctly -- the same
applies to frames, by the way.


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