Re: CSS3 Generated Content Draft questions/comments.

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, James Craig wrote:
> Regarding your the author's dislike of the terms: superior parent,
> superior sibling, and superior, what if they were named pseudo-parent,
> pseudo-sibling, pseudo-relative? Also, pseudo-child and/or
> pseudo-descendant could go in that list. Perhaps they're reserved?

It's an interesting idea. I'll think about it.

> Also, unless I'm missing something, there is an error in the 'quotes'
> example.
>    :lang(en) > q
>  From selectoracle: "Selects any q element that is a child of any
> element which is in a language or locale whose identifier equals en or
> begins with en-."
> Wouldn't this selector be better/accurate as the given markup example
> has 'q' as a descendant of the <HTML> but not a child?
>    :lang(en) q

No, the first is correct. The second doesn't work in cases like (HTML):

   :lang(en) q { color: green; }
   :lang(fr) q { color: red; }

   <span lang="fr"> bla <span lang="en"> bla <q> bla ... </></></>

...because there is no way to know what order they'll go in.

Note that :lang(en) will match _all_ the elements in the example, not just
the root element on which the language is set. (This is the way in which
it differs from '[lang|=en]'.)

> Could I suggest a more WAI-friendly format for the links in the index?

The index is auto-generated from (at the moment) rather incomplete markup
(I haven't even tried marking up all the terms yet) so I wouldn't worry
about it too much. The format itself is the same format as generated for
all the modules; if you want to propose changes to it please cc Bert on a
new thread. Thanks!

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