Re: XBL Thread: who wants Shelby to stop posting?

Hi Shelby, dear list members,

Am Montag, 6. Januar 2003 01:29 schrieb Shelby Moore:
> Some have started a new thread here in www-style to personally ridicule me:
> It is humorously pitiful to see grown men do that.

I can't see any offense in the thread you cited. So why are you moping?
I think it's a fact you deserve the posts trophy now.

I doubt you have reasons to mope. Ian lost his trophy, so if there's one with 
a reason to mope, it's Ian, not you!

So please stop complaining. You took that much too serious. I think the 
intention of the thread you're complaining about was to just drop in 
something people can laugh about (without any bad intention) after such a 
long dry thread about XBL.

Don't feed the trolls and Ian still replying: please continue. I've seen only 
one undesirable post from you: "XBL Thread: who wants Shelby to stop 

Though I think they need some moderation by an independent expert because the 
hole thread is too hard to follow now.

Creating and keeping up to date a web document summarzing the arguments of all 
positions and views would also be helpful, if not already created. I admit 
despite my interest in the thread I find it too hard to follow because of the 
number of posts and because for some reason my mail client (kmail) doesn't 
display them threaded (because you use Eudora, Shelby).

If you stop posting, Ian might get his trophy back, and you don't want that to 
happen, don't you?!
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