Re: WD-css3-color-20030214 comments

On 2/28/03 3:00 PM, "Etan Wexler" <> wrote:

> This message contains an edited copy of the CSS3 color
> specification found at
> <>. The edited
> copy is HTML, just like the original.
> Changes are for the most part marked with 'del' and 'ins'
> elements. Substantive changes are in the class substance while
> the class ednit is used for minor editorial suggestions.
> Commentary is marked with 'div' and 'span' elements. Substantive
> commentary is in the class comment while the class editorial is
> used for minor editorial suggestions.
> Added markup for elements of types 'a' and 'abbr' is employed
> without the use of 'del' or 'ins' elements. These newly marked
> elements are in the ednit class.
> Writing and using a style sheet to highlight changes is left as
> an exercise for the reader. (There wasn't enough time.)

I read through the your edited copy, trying to find your suggestions.

Most of the substantive (and some editorial) suggestions/changes I found I
accepted and have made the respective edits to the draft.

There were too many small/incompatible markup edits for me to take them all.
For example, for the moment I have ignored all the additional <abbr> markup.

For future reference, this is a very poor way to provide feedback on a W3C
draft, as I'm sure it was non-trivial to write in this fashion (as edits to
the document), and it is certainly non-trivial for the editors to attempt to
find your suggestions and evaluate them, especially when many of them are
duplicates of what was already reported, and have already been addressed by
in progress editing.

Regardless, thanks again for all your suggestions - the specification has
certainly benefited from your feedback.

Tantek (co-editor of the CSS3 Color module)

Received on Monday, 14 April 2003 13:22:58 UTC