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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback.  Chris Lilley and David Woolley responded to most
of your message.  I would like to respond to one of your questions/points
that I couldn't find a previous response to.

On 2/26/03 6:58 PM, "Jonathan Stanley" <>


> Should opacity keywords be available? eg:
> transparent: alpha = 0
> very-transparent: alpha = 0.25
> semi-transparent(/semi-opaque?): alpha = 0.5
> very-opaque: alpha = 0.75
> opaque: alpha = 1


The specification does include the keyword 'transparent' as was defined
originally in CSS1 for the background-color property, and extended in CSS2
to the the <border-color> value type, and the 'color' property in OEB1.0.1.
However, the specification does not add any more opacity/alpha keywords (for
the moment).  We may reconsider doing so in the future if there is
sufficient demand for them (and some set of symbolic keywords which might
serve as handy mnemonics for authors).

Thanks again for all your suggestions - the specification has certainly
benefited from your feedback.

Tantek (co-editor of the CSS3 Color module)

Received on Monday, 14 April 2003 13:22:53 UTC