Re: WD-css3-color-20030214 comments

Tantek Çelik wrote to <> on 14 April 2003 in "Re:
WD-css3-color-20030214 comments"

> There were too many small/incompatible markup edits for me to take them all.
> For example, for the moment I have ignored all the additional <abbr> markup.

Were the edits incompatible with each other? With existing markup? With
something else?

> For future reference, this is a very poor way to provide feedback

To you, Tantek, I am sorry for making my suggestions so difficult to find.
To all list subscribers, I am sorry for stuffing your mailboxes with a
shakily planned and very large message.

> I'm sure it was non-trivial to write in this fashion

You're right on. I was seeking a way to preserve the structure of the
original rather than flattening to plain text. This was especially important
for markup suggestions. My choice was a bad one. Plain text is also bad
(though better than a full document duplication). Suggestions are welcome
and should go to the list, for the public benefit.

Etan Wexler <>

Received on Thursday, 17 April 2003 21:25:27 UTC