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Hi Susan,

I wanted to reply to some of the specifics in your message.

On 2/26/03 10:21 PM, "Susan Lesch" <> wrote:

> These are minor editorial comments for your "CSS3 module: Color"
> Last Call Working Draft [1]. Overall it is beautiful.


> The justified text is a little choppy. It sometimes slows down
> reading, see screen shot [3]. It makes the clipboard crazy in Mac IE
> 5.1.6. Can you get by without text-align: justify in [4]?

I believe we can get by without text-align:justify.  I have passed your
request to Bert, who is maintaining that style sheet.

> The profile tables could use a few pixels of padding. Also in the
> profile tables, some td's contain p's, some don't. The td's will look
> more similar if they all don't.

I have removed the <p>'s from inside the profile tables and added 2px of
padding to their table cells, but not all browsers seem to support the
padding property on table cells.

> As Simon Jessey reported for CSS3 Text, the property column in the
> Property Index is cut off on the left. I am looking in IE 5.1.6, Mac OS
> 9.2.1.
> I hope that when the CSS3 modules reach late maturity levels that they
> will all use US English capitalization. W3C uses en-US. W3C entities
> should match capitalization in the W3C Process Document [2]. Those
> corrections are included below except for headings.
> Typos, some global:
> s/CSS3 module: Color/CSS3 Module: Color/
> s/Status of this document/Status of This Document/
> s/working draft/Working Draft/
> s/working group/Working Group/
> s/style activity/Style Activity/
> s/candidate recommendation/Candidate Recommendation/
> s/Table of contents/Table of Contents/
> s/UAs/user agent (UA)/ (spell out every time, or show both for the
> first occurrence)
> s/user-agent/user agent/
> s/by International Color Consortium/by the International Color Consortium/
> s/Whitespace/White space/
> s/must NOT/must <em>not</em>/
> s/glue=240/blue=240/
> s/System Colors/system colors/ (or the other way around)
> s/camel-case/CamelCase/ (some people prefer camelCase)

I have made the editorial changes as you requested.  Thanks for the finds.

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> Best wishes for your project,

Thanks again for all your suggestions - the specification has certainly
benefited from your feedback.

Tantek (co-editor of the CSS3 Color module)

Received on Monday, 14 April 2003 13:22:48 UTC