Re: [XHTML2] Unicode line and paragraph separators

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If <br/> is discarded, then <l></l> will see frequent use by billions
of web masters.

So what is the difference?

For XSLT the difference is a wasted call to process-children.

Discarding <br/> is not a good idea.

Toby A Inkster <> writes:

> An argument against it is this. Your &ls; entity would be effectively 
> and semantically the same as <br/> which is one of the elements we're 
> actively tring to get rid of!

A CDATA entity is not structurally equivalent to an empty element.
The consequence of this is that standard processing frameworks are
geared for the possibility of branched handling of an empty element
but not so for a CDATA entity.  In a typical framework branched
processing for a particular CDATA entity can only be done by filtering
all CDATA.

                                    -- Bill

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