CSS 4.1 proposal: text-transform:continental

Given that the CSS3 Text module has exited its last call period, and it is
too late to add new features, I would like to propose a feature for CSS
Level 4 version 1.

I have seen numerous instances in modern typography of the use of decorative
letter accents, typically as a way of making otherwise boring latin letter
forms appear somewhat more interesting.

Enclosed is an actual example (unretouched reduced resolution photograph).
Note in the example that only some letters of each word are transformed.

This effect seems like a kind of text-transform, similar to how letters are
replaced with either all uppercase or lowercase letters, or sometimes
uppercased with the capitalize value.

Thus I propose:

 property: text-transform
new value: continental

    Replaces some characters of each word with letterform variants or
equivalents with decorative accents.

Thank you for your consideration,


Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2003 17:42:35 UTC