Tantek Çelik gave us all a nice April Fool's joke with his text-
transform: continental, but it did cause me to take a look at the text-
transform property.  In the definition of what capitalize does 
shouldn't it be changinging the first letter of each word to what 
Unicode calls titlecase?  For most characters this is the same as 
uppercase but for some letters such as U+01F3, the two are distinct 
with the uppercase being U+01F1 and the titlecase being U+01F2.  
(U+01F1 looks like "DZ", U+01F2 looks like "Dz", and U+01F3 looks like 
"dz".) I hope its not too late for this change to be made.

Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2003 18:40:53 UTC