Re: :here for Links

> This is a so silly and useless idea that Adobe Acrobat has been having 
> it for years: the cursor is different when the pointer hovers over a 
> local and an external link.

It seems that this discussion is concentrating on the difference between
online/offline, cached/remote, local/external links.

However the original poster was simply looking for an easy solution to 
style links that point to the *current* page, to make menu bars easier to 
design, not for indicating cached pages for offline browsing.

For example:

	Home	News	Screenshots	Download

Four links, if I am currently looking at the News page, the link to the 
News page should be styled in some different fashion. Currently that would 
require different menu markup on each page, or some other method to 
distinguish them. With :here or :current, one CSS rule would suffice and 
the menu markup could be static on every page as it should be.


Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2003 07:47:35 UTC