Re: Scroll Control

Chris Vincent / 2003-04-01 04:51:
> body {
> 	bottom-scroll: 200px;
> }
> That may not be the best way to do it, this is just from the top of my 
> head.  In my case, I've used fixed positioning to place a sort of 
> footer on the bottom of the page that stays there when the page is 
> scrolled.  It fits nicely with the rest of the design and such.  The 
> problem is that it covers up the main content region, which I've used 
> z-index to place "under" the footer.  When you scroll to the bottom of 

It sounds like you *really* don't want to scroll body but some of its 
childs. If you have div.header, div.content and div.footer just position 
those absolutely and apply "scroll: auto" to the div.content. Sure, 
buggy browsers don't correctly implement the required features but how 
long do you think it would take for those browsers to implement this new 
method? Exact details on this do not belong to this list, IMHO.


Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2003 07:47:18 UTC