Re: CSS2.1 Various Inline-related Stuff

On 5 Sep 2002, Etan Wexler wrote:
> > I intend to add text to the CSS3 Generated
> > Content module (when I write it next month), which defines :before and
> > :after on replaced elements as coming before and after the elements
> > themselves, rather than their contents.
> Will this definition affect inheritance into the generated content?

No. The final location of frames in the rendering tree does not affect the
DOM tree or the cascade. (see, e.g., run-in)

> > On replaced elements that are
> > floats, absolutely positioned elements and a particular subset of table
> > display types, they won't exist at all.
> Do you intend "replaced elements that are absolutely positioned"?  Do
> you intend "all absolutely positioned elements"?

The first. As in, "On replaced elements that are:
 * floats,
 * absolutely positioned elements, and
 * a particular subset of tabe display types
...they won't exist at all".

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