Re: CSS2.1: \A and white-space

On 9/5/02 6:02 PM, "fantasai" <> wrote:

> Tantek Çelik wrote:
>> br { line-break-after:always }
> br:after {content: "\A"; white-space: pre} ?

Right, this is exactly the nonsense hack that I am saying there is no need
for.  There was no need to introduce "\A" as a "formatting instruction", and
it also goes against lots of principles which have been discussed in many
fora (including Unicode, which has specifically gotten rid of (deprecated?)
such formatting characters, in deference to proper/explicit markup and

>>>>   p:before {content: "<em>"}
>>>> That simply inserts four literal characters into the ouput, it does
>>>> not create an EM element.
>> It should do neither.  It should insert "&lt;em&gt;" into the input.
> It should insert "<em>", not "&lt;em&gt;", because generated content,
> wherever it enters layout, does not get processed by the HTML/XML/SGML
> parser.

You're right.  It should insert "<em>" into the input to the CSS processor,
which is the output from the HTML/XML/SGML parser.



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