To clarify, what the situation is:

1. I have had several offers to host/pay for hosting costs. This is
not the primary problem, as I can afford to pay the rather negligible
hosting costs.

2. However, as I am no longer maintaining the site, I have no reason
to continue paying for it.

3. Therefore.... Volunteers to help look after the site would be
welcome. I have so far had one volunteer, and would welcome more: if
you can undertake to perform testing, update erroneous pages, fix bad
links, spruce things up, etc., it would be nice to get the site
up-to-date. I would, with help, be able to perform the maintenance
tasks I currently am not undertaking.

4. If someone wants to take it over completely, or is interested in
buying the content or domain name, I am open to offers.
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Received on Monday, 25 November 2002 17:19:10 UTC