Re: Content vs Structure?

>From: Chris Vincent <>
>Okay, I have a problem that's been driving me nuts.  Let's say you
>block inside the side bar block.  How could this fit within the paradigm of 
>separating style and content?

CSS separates presentation from structure, but it does not change the 
structure itself.  You're right that CSS alone is insuffcient for the task 
of completely altering the layouts.  That is, it has tools for that job 
(position: absolute and position: relative), but they are fairly poor.

What you may be after is XSLT.  That is a language intended to restructure 
any XML (which XHTML is, after all) document into an alternate structure 
(which may or may not be XML).

Then (assuming the result is an (X)HTML document), you would apply CSS (or 
possibly XSL:FO sometime after it becomes implemented) to the resulting 




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Received on Tuesday, 19 November 2002 23:57:17 UTC