Re: WD-CSS21-20020802 section 15, "Fonts", editorial suggestions

On Thursday, November 14, 2002, 1:04:24 PM, Etan wrote:

EW> "'font-style' is tried first. 'italic' will be satisfied"

EW> Capitalize "font" and "italic".

EW> "'font-variant' is tried next. 'normal' matches"

EW> Capitalize "font" and "normal".

EW> "'font-weight' is matched next, it will never fail."

EW> Capitalize "font".  Change "it" to "and".

EW> "'font-size' must be matched"

EW> Capitalize "font".

I disagree with these suggestions. The items in quotes are keywords,
and it is more important to use these consistently than it is to start
every sentence with a capital letter.

[there were other examples where you made the same correction, the
ones above are just illustrative]


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