WD-CSS21-20020802 section 15, "Fonts", editorial suggestions

Following are editorial suggestions for section 15, "Fonts"
(<http://www.w3.org/TR/2002/WD-CSS21-20020802/fonts.html>), of the
Cascading Style Sheets level 2.1 draft

15.2 Font matching algorithm

"At a given element and for each character in that element, the UA
assembles the font-properties applicable to that element."

Change the hyphen-minus to a space.

"'font-style' is tried first. 'italic' will be satisfied"

Capitalize "font" and "italic".

"'font-variant' is tried next. 'normal' matches"

Capitalize "font" and "normal".

"'font-weight' is matched next, it will never fail."

Capitalize "font".  Change "it" to "and".

"'font-size' must be matched"

Capitalize "font".

15.6 Font boldness: the 'font-weight' property

"for example a font that you might think of as being bold"

Change to "for example, a font that one might consider bold".

"'bolder' selects the next weight"

Capitalize "bolder".

"'lighter' is similar"

Capitalize "lighter".

"some fonts may have only a normal and a bold face, others may have eight
different face weights"

Add "while" after the comma.  Eliminate the redundant "different".

"In CSS1, the suggested scaling factor between adjacent indexes was 1.5
which user experience proved to be too large. In CSS2, the suggested
scaling factor for computer screen between adjacent indexes was 1.2 which
still created issues for the small sizes."

Add a commas before each "which".

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