Re: css3-lists: Coptic and Ionic Greek

At 2002-11-13T01:53+0200, Christos Cheretakis wrote:-

> > The upper-greek and lower-greek list styles in the WD do not represent
> > numbering systems - they are alphabetic list styles, and I have seen both
> > of them used in English text.
> >
>    I'm not sure I understand the difference in use of those two. How
> could they be used in english text? Numbering what?  They wouldn't be
> used in greek anyways :)

An alphabetic system just uses the letters of a certain alphabet in order
- it is not (necessarily) a system used for the representation of numbers
in any other context. It's analogous to the difference between lower-roman
and lower-latin.

upper/lower-greek are rare in English (especially upper), and not used for
any particular purpose (AFAIAA). Possible uses include:-

* Some mathematical contexts, where numbers or English letters might be

* Deeply nested lists.

* Disambiguation of separate lists at the same level. (Less useful where
styling is not guaranteed)

* Footnotes

Tim Bagot

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