Re: more floats

On Saturday 26 October 2002 19:33, Sigurd Lerstad wrote:
> From spec:
> -------
> 9.5 Floats
> If there isn't enough horizontal room on the current line for the
> float, it is shifted downward, line by line, until a line has room
> for it -------
> I'm insecure about "line by line"... will it ever be more than one
> line, or will the float always be placed on the next line (below the
> current line)?

There may already be another float that occupies part of the next few 
lines and that doesn't leave enough space for the new float.

But look at the float placement rules, rather than at this sentence. The 
"line by line" part is just a manner of speaking; it is not to be taken 
literally. When you place the float, you probably don't know yet how 
high each of the following lines will be.

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