Re: css3-lists: Coptic and Ionic Greek

Tim Bagot wrote:
> At 2002-11-12T03:27+0200, Christos Cheretakis wrote:-
> The upper-greek and lower-greek list styles in the WD do not represent
> numbering systems - they are alphabetic list styles, and I have seen both
> of them used in English text.

   I'm not sure I understand the difference in use of those two. How 
could they be used in english text? Numbering what?  They wouldn't be 
used in greek anyways :)

> My limited (and slightly rusty) knowledge of ancient Greek agrees with
> Christopher Hoess on these code points for lower-ionic-greek.

> This table differs in the characters used for all numerals >= 90.

   To my biggest surprise, there are quite a lot of differences between 
the modern and ancient numbering systems!!! The two tables I sent (up to 
799) are the ones used in the lower-modern-greek & upper-modern-greek 
schemes respectively. Still trying to find details on the ancient greek 

> Tim Bagot


   Λες κι η στάθμη της αγάπης πάει να βρει
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   Πως κοπήκανε στα δάχτυλα οι σταυροί
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