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> Chris, 
> Thanks for your answer. One question below:
> Chris wrote:
>> On Friday, 22 March, 2002, 09:23:27, Peter wrote:
>> SPN> I find no CSS3 property to put color on non-textual content such
>> SPN> as form controls and list bullets. The 'color' property I think
>> SPN> is for text content only.
>> That is its definition, yes. That is why SVG moved from using the
>> color property for graphical objects, to using its own fill and stroke
>> properties.
> Would it be considered an error according to the CSS2 spec. if the following
> generated red radio buttons?
> <input type="radio" style="color:red" />
> After all, the following generates red text:
> <input type="text" style="color:red" />

No, it would not be an error.  In fact, it could be considered one valid way
of implementing the application of CSS to radio buttons and checkbox.

Typical radio buttons (and a checkboxes for that matter) actually have areas
that roughly correspond to the border, background and foreground, e.g.

 - where the outer circle "( )" could be styled with the 'border' properties
 - and space inside outer circle could be filled in with the 'background'
 - and the dot "*" could be styled with the 'color' property

Similarly for a checkbox: [x]

Now, since the border-color defaults to the value of the color property,
setting the color property to red would also set the border-color to red
thus achieving the effect you asked for - a red radio button.

>> Arguably, list bullets are text, and are generated content of the list
>> element. Thus, a list with red bbullets and green list items can be
>> made by setting color to red on the list container and green on the
>> list items.
> Yes, I was mistaken about list bullets, they can be colored using the 'color'
> property. 
> <ul style="color: red" >
> <li><span style="color: green" >hello</span></li>
> </ul>



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