Re: Color on non-text content in CSS3

Tantek Celik wrote that his opinion was:
> Typical radio buttons (and a checkboxes for that matter) actually have areas
> that roughly correspond to the border, background and foreground, e.g.
> (*)  
>  - where the outer circle "( )" could be styled with the 'border' properties
>  - and space inside outer circle could be filled in with the 'background'
>  - and the dot "*" could be styled with the 'color' property
> Similarly for a checkbox: [x]

That is in fact _exactly_ how Mozilla implements the default look of radio 
buttons and check boxes (with the additional use of -moz-border-radius for the 
roundness of the radio buttons).

Ian Hickson
``The inability of a user agent to implement part of this specification due to
the limitations of a particular device (e.g., non interactive user agents will
probably not implement dynamic pseudo-classes because they make no sense
without interactivity) does not imply non-conformance.'' -- Selectors, Sec13

Received on Friday, 22 March 2002 18:17:43 UTC