Re[2]: Color on non-text content in CSS3

On Friday, 22 March, 2002, 15:20:25, Peter wrote:

SPN> Would it be considered an error according to the CSS2 spec. if
SPN> the following generated red radio buttons?

SPN>         <input type="radio" style="color:red" />

Hmm so the radio button and its associated text were both red? I would
say that the color of the radio button is unspecified and making it the
same color as the associated text is as good a color as any.

In SVG,we dealt with this situation by having a property value 'currentColor' so one could say

selector goes here { fill: currentColor }

which provides a way to style things taking into account the value of
the color property. One way to consider things is that the UA
stylesheet does this, but the selector to select the radio buttons and
the property that sets their color is unknown; just the value of the


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