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> On Friday, 22 March, 2002, 09:23:27, Peter wrote:

SPN>> I find no CSS3 property to put color on non-textual content such
SPN>> as form controls and list bullets. The 'color' property I think
SPN>> is for text content only.

> That is its definition, yes. That is why SVG moved from using the
> color property for graphical objects, to using its own fill and stroke
> properties.

> Arguably, list bullets are text, and are generated content of the list
> element. Thus, a list with red bbullets and green list items can be
> made by setting color to red on the list container and green on the
> list items.

I think the bullets are generated content of the list-item, and the
browsers seem to agree, as this trick to get differently colored
bullets doesn't work in practice.

> For additional control over form widgets, see


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