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Hello Peter,

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> Christian,
> I don't know where you are seeing "your browser is not standards
> compliant".  I just tried visiting their website with Nutscrape 4, and I
> did not see any such message (and if ever there was a non-compliant
> browser, Netscape 4 is it)!  It was my understanding that Microsoft put
that's true, Netscape 4 is the most non-compliant browser ever. They should
be given the "incompatibility reward 1998" for it.

> this on their site and then almost immediately took it off.  I couldn't
> seem to find it, but I'm sure it's possible that it's still on there
> somewhere.
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> Peter Foti
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> > I would agree with you, if Microsoft would not offend us,
> > a) the users, that try to visit MS pages with non-MS
> > browsers, ("your browser
> > is not standards compliant" - but MS, so is yours?)
> > b) the vendors of other browsers, (by the same thing stated above)
> >
> > But since MS behave contrary, Jesse's got me full on his/her side.

okay, I'd better have written "tried" instead of "try".

It was at least some hours on 2001-10-26.

They wrote:
"Attention: Web Browser Upgrade Required to View
If you are seeing this page, we have detected that the browser that you are
using will not render correctly. [...]"

"MSN-Marketingdirektor" Bob Visse said, that they would show this page to
browsers that do not support the latest W3C standards and XHTML.

This was just another bad joke, since even IE6 has absolutely no XHTML
support (apart from recognizing some of the XHTML DOCTYPE declarations a
rendering switch).

German news on this can be found:



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